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There is only one company capable of addressing the despondency that plagues South Africans in their personal and professional lives. Unlike so many institutions that are driven by a desire to make a quick buck, The Motivation Company puts the interests of every South African above wealth accumulation. We are passionate about development and empowerment. Key to our success is our obsession with measuring the effectiveness of our products.

The Motivation Company team is governed by the belief that a conscious journey of personal growth is the foundation for great leadership. It is also our belief that motivation is a spiritual vehicle which keeps one focused while on their journey of personal growth. Our approach is sensitive to the plurality that defines South Africa and as a result our products are tailored to the specifications and needs of our clients. We use qualified psychologists and professionals in the development of our products.

Three adjectives describe what we stand for. Quality, Sustainability, and Affordability. Contact us today for an affordable quotation that will help you revolutionize your organization and leave a sustainable positive and indelible impression on your staff.

Our Vision

To be the ultimate motivation hub in South Africa and beyond

Our Mission

Our daily mission is to advocate the importance of continuous motivation and personal development for the purpose of achieving greater results on a personal and business capacity.
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